A treat for your face hole: Wolffer Rosé


If drinking rosé were a sport, I’d be in the fucking Olympics.

My Hamptons-born-and-bred heart loves many pink wines, but one rises above the rest. The Wölffer Estate Rosé Table Wine is the most phenomenal rosé MINE LIPS HATH EVER TASTED, and there’s not even a close second.

There’s a reason this rosé is a perennial favorite: its light, peach-pear notes make it a perfect companion for brunch, dinner, snacks, second dinner, whatever. Its subtle, dry finish is the perfect punctuation for this Hamptons classic.

Though you can (and should) certainly enjoy this wine year-round, I cherish the ritual of buying my first bottle every Memorial Day Weekend. But with the earth heating up at a catastrophic rate, you’ll be able to cool off with this rosé well into winter!

While this rosé is a bit of a splurge ($14-$21), it’s totally worth it. You can snoop around for some deals on Snooth or snag it on Wölffer’s website.


3 thoughts on “A treat for your face hole: Wolffer Rosé

  1. Love the Whole Wolffer experience. Their Summer in a Bottle is a very popular choice as well. The bottle makes an attractive centerpiece. The rose you speak of her actually is my go to.

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