Drink this, you cheap fuck: Woop Woop Chardonnay



GODDAMN do I hate white wine.

A few weeks ago, I spit out an allegedly fancy Riesling in front of allegedly fancy people. It tasted like sour dirt, and I would not pour it on the graves of my enemies.

Soon after that encounter, I forced myself to sample some Chardonnay at my local wine shop. I was immediately intrigued by its name, “Woop Woop,” which sounds like a drunk juggalo.

But the taste is *Italian chef doing kissy noise.*

This medium-bodied, South Australian treat is offensively smooth, with subtle peach notes that make it damn hard not to love. Because it’s unoaked, this chardonnay is light and flexible in terms of what it pairs well with, but I recommend trying it with salmon or cheese-based dishes.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably just pair it with more wine.

Woop Woop is drinkable to a fault: Go easy with this, as you’ll quickly forget it’s 13% ABV.

Did I mention you can get it for less than $13? Check out Wine Searcher, Snooth, or Wine.com for prices and availability.


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